Why should u grow your own food? Its easy after you make a couple beginner mistakes,  You can save a s*#t load of money, you will eat healthier, being out side with your hands in the ground recharges the natural magnetic frequency of your body helping your cells to stay healthy. (Google schumann wave) It’s kinda a form of meditation, puts you in the moment and calms you down, you get food free from petrol chemicals. 

I had 98% of this stuff laying around the house, it just needed to b put together. It would cost about $40 to by what u need. I cut the 3inch basket in half so I can trace it on to the lid. I cut the holes, than I measure the holes to get the size for the foam pucks. Cut holes in the foam pucks. I made the diaphragm as the pros like to call it, or sprayer as I like to call it, out of some PVC and a pump u can get at any aquarium store. The red sprayers you have to got to Home Depot for. Fill it with clean drinking water. Go into your neighbors garden when they are not home and cut to nice size stems off of what they are growing. Place in the holes you made in the pucks, turn on the pump and wait 7-14 days till u get roots. Than transplant to dirt, baby then for a bit than watch them grow!!

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